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"If I were to typify my evolution, my own evolution… I've always wanted to be an artist…And I think that really was another reason I was able to suceed, so...yes, I do believe in evolution for [an] artist's career, it's very important." - Bill Plympton

Bill Plympton grew up in Oregon to a large family consisting of six siblings. Due to the wet climate, he and his family would often stay indoors; however, it is because of these conditions that allowed him to develop his craft and imagination. Plympton attended Oregon City High School, where he graduated in 1964. He was active in high school, participating in the art club. Plympton went on to Portland State University, where he became an editor for the yearbook as well as become part of the film society.

Plympton moved to New York City in 1968 and began to study at the School of Visual Arts. He elected to stay in New York, finding work as an illustrator and artist for the next 15 years. Along the way Plympton's work found its way in some of today's most popular tabloids veering from The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Penthouse, Rolling Stone and Glamour as well as others. In 1975, Plympton created "Plympton," a political cartoon strip for The Soho Weekly News. These strips eventually became syndicated in 1981 by the Universal Press Syndicate. In 1983, after getting rejected from Disney because of his age, Plympton was offer a chance as an animator for the film BOOMTOWN. This first film would set Bill on a rollercoaster ride of numerous short features including but nowhere limited too, DRAWING LESSONS #2, YOUR FACE and GUARD DOG, the latter of the two earned Plympton Academy Award® nomination for Best Animated Short Film. If that wasn’t impressive enough Plympton has also created, almost entirely by himself, several full-length animated films such as THE TUNE and IDIOTS AND ANGELS.

Bill Plympton's accomplishments aren't limited to his abilities as an animator but are magnified by his ability to remain true to his artwork. Plympton's work is done free-away from big studio suits. Plympton is God, King and Country of his identity as an independent filmmaker, giving his work the ability to be both honest and unique in a Hollywood World.

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1st Oscar Nomination, Academy Award for Short Animation YOUR FACE

Life Time Achievement (Time Machine Award), SITGES Film Festival
2nd Oscar Nomination, Academy Award for Short Animation GUARD DOG

Special Career Award, Fantasporto Film Festival

Winsor McCay Award, Annie Awards by ASIFA Hollywood

Cartoonist of the Year, MoCCA Art Festival

Lifetime Achievement Award, Action On Film International Film Festival
Pioneer in Theatrical Animation Award, Burbank International Film Festival
Lifetime Achievement Award, 20th Annual Cinema St. Louis Film Festival