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Now available on DVD & VOD Adventures In Plymptoons! is distributed by Cinema Libre Studio.
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After years of keeping an online scrapbook, Bill has moved all of his updates to his social media accounts. Thank you for reading his Scrapbook, and please follow him at the following places!


"Bill Plympton is God!"
- Matt Groening, Creator of ‘The Simpsons‘

"If Bill Plympton is God, “Adventures in Plymptoons!” is heaven!”
- Morgan Spurlock, Director "Super-Size Me" and "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope."

"Bill [Plympton] is an extraordinary animator. He has an extraordinary mind…. He seems to get right to the depth of the human condition."
- Terry Gilliam

"Bill Plympton's imagination, and the way that he was able to deconstruct animation….was something I'd never seen before."
- Mathew Modine

"I think he's one of the few guys who does what I say people should do, which is your own films….Bill's a great animator."
- Ralph Bakshi

"You don't want to meddle with genius…Bill's just amazing."
- Weird Al

"Bill has an impossible ability to carelessly marry the absurd with the profound. I've always just loved his stuff."
- Seth Green

"Bill Plympton just keeps on creating his amazing cartoons, a true American artist."
- John Landis